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Khoni town is located in the Imereti lowland on the bank of the Tskhenistskali River, at the altitude of 114 meters.

During excavations, conducted on the territory of Khoni district, archaeologists found 1270 coins of "Colchis Tetri", as well as Byzantine and Turkish coins. The research also revealed settlements dated to the Late Bronze Age.

First permanent establishments from the Middle Ages were discovered in Khoni city close to a 13th-century church. It was a large basilica with the three-nave basilica type with no dome.

In 1529, Khoni became the Episcopal Center of the Georgian Orthodox Church which contributed to the territorial and economic growth of the district. In the 18th century, Khoni was an important trading center. In 1810 after the Kingdom of Imereti was annexed into Russia, Khoni became the center of Vake Province. In 1846, it was included in Kutaisi Province and in the 70s in Central Police Station was opened in the city.


Khoni was particularly well developed in 20s–30s of the 19th century. It was a quite densely populated area by that time and in the 50s a Tabacco market was opened there.

The first Georgia bass band was established in Khoni in 1890.

From the 70s of the 19th century, Khoni was an important trading and industrial town in Imereti Region. It was the largest hub of Silk thread and yarn production in Georgia. In 1921 Khoni was granted town privileges.

In 1936–1989, Khoni city was called Tsulukidze (after the famous Revolutionary who was born there).

Famous people born in Khoni include:

Irakli Abashidze – Irakli Abashidze was a Chief Editor of Georgian Soviet Encyclopedia, an academician of the Academy of Sciences and the First Secretary of the Union of Writers. In 1960, he participated in a Georgian Archaeological expedition during which the team discovered a portrait of Shota Rustaveli (a famous Georgian poet) on the wall of ninth-century Georgian Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem. Irakli Abashidze founded Shota Rustaveli Award In 1965 and became its first Chairman.

Nana Mchedlidze – A Georgian film producer, a screenwriter, and an actor

A Georgian Film Producer, a screenwriter, and actor.

  • “Grandmothers and Grandchildren” – 1969
  • “The First Swallow – 1975“Imeretian Sketches” – 1980

(Producer – shooted 13 movies) (6 movies as a screenwriter)

Korneli Sanadze – A Georgian painter. A painter and a graphic artist. He was a laureate of the Shota Rustaveli Prize. He designed the costumes and sets of the famous Georgian movie “Dariko.”

Khoni Historical Monuments

  • Bangveti – church from the 10th–11th centuries
  • Udzlouri – the Saviour (Jesus) church 1319
  • Akhalsheni – Medieval fortressSukhcha – Medieval Saint Mary Church
  • Patara Jikhaishi – St. George 1790 and the Saviour (Jesus) Churches 1897 years
  • Gelaveri – the 18th-century church named after Marine
  • Matkhoji – 1th century nunnery of St. Nino, rebuilt in the 19th century

There are several caves in Khoni District:

  • Kvabikari Cave in village of Ghvedi,
  • Tsikhkari Cave in village of Matkhoji,
  • Gordi Cave in village of Zeda Gordi,
  • Terchu hills Caves,
  • In Kinchkha Village – “Saint Liani Cave”, “Kldeida Cave”, “Ghvalbajani Cave”


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