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Samtredia is located partly on the Colchis Lowland and partly on Sajavakho Tableland. The territory is divided in half by the Rioni River. The other major river in the region is the Gubistskali River. The region was famous for its economic development – it had one of the first railway points (Tbilisi – Poti railway built in 1971 – 1872), and during decades, well prospering factories (chocolate, tea and wood processing). Currently, agriculture is dominating as the main source of income.

Its main town, also called Samtredia, was first mentioned in written sources, in the 18th century as the village of Samtredia.

The importance of the village increased with the construction of Tbilisi – Poti railway in 1871 – 1872. Since then Samtredia was refered as a town and nowadays there are around 30 thousands households.

A small town of Kulashi, located a few kilometers away from Samtredia city, used to be the home to one of the biggest Georgian Jewish communities.

The famouse people from Samtredia were: Akaki Kvantaliani, Akaki Shanidze, Niko Nikoladze,  Erosi Manjgaladze.


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