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Trekking trail in Kutaisi
Thursday, 25 May 2017 01:20

Kutaisi is a place which offers a lot of various attractions - from the UNESCO historical monuments to Georgian restaurants and cozy coffee shops in the old part of the city. We, however have got something different for you apart from sight-seeing - a great offer and an idea for a pleasant time spending apart from sightseeing.

The trekking route which starts in Kutaisi, from Gaponov str. and goes along the Rioni River. Gaponov’s Street is known as the Jewish street of Kutaisi, this is a place where the Jewish community has been living for many years,here there is also a Synagogue of Kutaisi. The road continues until Mtsvanekvavila str, which offers us great views of river and the city. Going further, we practically walk out of Kutaisi and reach the power station Gumati Hesi where we cross the river and return to the city along the other shore of Rioni. As a final point but also a tourist attraction, we offer you a Botanical Garden of Kutaisi which is situated in the one of the oldes districts of the city named Choma, and it's definitely worth to visit. We also inform you that the route is unmarked and you will not find it on any map, but what could be better than discovering new unknown places by your own?..








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