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White and red bridges in Kutaisi
Tuesday, 16 August 2016 01:20

There is a popular belief among people from Kutaisi that the White Bridge was constructed in the factory of Gustave Eiffel in France. This history however is connected with the Red Bridge. Both bridges are about the same age and link two banks of the Rioni River since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Still, the White Bridge is the one which is a favorite among the citizens of Kutaisi. One of the reasons for this is Rezo Gabriadze, a famous Georgian writer, playwright, painter and director, who wrote a script to the movie “An Unusual Exhibition”. In one of the scenes, the main character Aguli was walking with his friend across the White Bridge. He stopped by a boy who was sitting on the railing and compared him with the boys depicted in Picasso's paintings. The boy grabbed the hats of Aguli and his friend and jumped from the bridge into the Rioni River shouting “Ambreduzo Meduzo”. The sculpture of so-called Picasso's boy was put on the railing of the White Bridge in 2004. It soon became one of the most popular spots in Kutaisi among tourists who want to come and take memorable photos with the sculpture.

Link to the movie scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36shWMJtgTM









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