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Youth for domestic tourism development
Thursday, 13 October 2016 01:20

A two-day workshop on the management and development of tourism in Kutaisi and Imereti region was held in Kutaisi on 3rd and 4th of October 2016. Workshops were prepared by a guest speaker Wojciech Mania, Ph.D., an expert from Poznań Local Tourist Organisation in Poland, responsible for tourism promotion and development of cultural tourism.

On the first day two lectures were given: about importance and possibilities of cooperation between local governments and the tourism industry and about professional tourist guide services. The day was ended by the presentation of Kontastine Nachqebia, who presented the projects run by the Foundation of ICAD and Pro Motion Georgia. On the second day we prepared a workshop on online tourism promotion, in particular the use of social media and a creative workshop during which the participants learned how to design attractive travel packages. Additional consultations and discussions on the projects of new logo for the city of Kutaisi were carried out by the team of the Tourism Department of the Kutaisi City Hall (www.kutaisi.travel). The workshop was attended by nearly 100 people. Among them were students, university staff, government officials and representatives of the tourism industry. Lively discussion and numerous questions were the best proof that the subject of tourism development attracts rising interest and is crucial for the city and the region. The workshop was organised by the ICAD Foundation and Pro Motion Georgia - პრო მოციონ ჯორჯია, with the support of from the Polish aid programme. We would like to thank Kutaisi City Hall, Kutaisi University and Bar-Restaurant Palaty. Without their kind support our workshops could not be held.









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