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Mgvimevi Village is located on the plateau of Chiatura, on the east cost of the Kvirila River. Archaeological excavations conducted in a karst cave located in the village revealed remains of human settlements dated back to the Middle Paleolithic. The first part of the excavation site was discovered in 1934. The rest was explored in 1944 under the leadership of famous academician Niko Berdzenishvili. In a burial in site number N1 archaeologists found bone tools, faunal materials, scrapers, cutters and spearheads. There were also bones of cave bear, bison, Caucasus Tur, and other animals. The walls were covered with geometric images of human beings.

Mgvimevi Monastery located close to the village is a double nave church built in the 8th century. Its facades are decorated with crosses and ornamental borders. Inside the church on the walls, there are mural paintings from the 8th century and the southern wall is covered with painting from the 16th century. An old fresco, which was discovered under a new layer, portraits a nobleman Rati from Racha Region together with his wife and his brother Niania Kakhaberisdze. A long tunnel under the church was strengthened by arches. Two important objects from the Mgvimevi Monastery, an engraved icon and a very rare curved wooden door made in the 11th century, are now kept in the Georgian National Museum.

In the monastic complex, there is also a small church partly carved into the side of a cliff and two-storey bell tower built in the 12th–14th century.


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Do you want to see Imereti, but you do not know where to start from? We prepared for you trails around the region, which will lead you to interesting natural sites, historical monuments and cultural attractions. Following those paths you will visit true Imeretian “pearls” – thousand- year- old monasteries, historical buildings, amazing wonders of nature, including mountains, canyons, caves, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and you will come across many other attractions. You will also have an occasion to taste delicious Georgian food and wine. Have a look at our suggestions and go explore Imereti!

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