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The village of Chkheri is located on the bank of the Chkherimela River. It was first mentioned in the historical sources in the 17th century.

In 1774, there was a big fight near the village during wich the Imereti King Solomon I commanded the Georgian Army and severely beat the Ottomans.

In Chkheri, there are ruins of a medieval church which construction was dedicated to Queen Tamar.

Vakahni Fortress

In the village of Vakhani on the top of a hill, there are ruins of a monument of the Georgian Architecture – Vakhani Fortress.

The fortress protected the road coming from the Likhi Mountains. The fortress was built of big roughly processed stone blocks. It has no embrasures, which confirms that it was constructed before the introduction of firearms. Inside defensive walls in the Northeast corner, there is a small chapel built of rough stones. In 1785, the Vakhani Fortress was occupied by the Nutsallhi Pasha from Avar Khanate (a state in the North Caucasus), who fought with Georgian King Erekle II. It is probable that the fortress was ruined at that time.

Tourist Routes

Do you want to see Imereti, but you do not know where to start from? We prepared for you trails around the region, which will lead you to interesting natural sites, historical monuments and cultural attractions. Following those paths you will visit true Imeretian “pearls” – thousand- year- old monasteries, historical buildings, amazing wonders of nature, including mountains, canyons, caves, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and you will come across many other attractions. You will also have an occasion to taste delicious Georgian food and wine. Have a look at our suggestions and go explore Imereti!

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