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It is a small village located on the bank of the Kveruni (Dzevrula) River. The village was mentioned in 1188 in a deed issued by the King Tamar where she talks about “the Head of the Gogni Fortress”. In 1778 the Queen Mariam, the wife of the Imereti King Solomon I, built a Church of Dormition of Virgin in Gogni and founded there a monastery. Nowadays only ruins of the fortress and the church remain. On a hill close to Gogni Village there is a little chapel of Saint George (Giorgi).

Trail In The Mountains

It is a trail where you can either walk or go horse riding. It goes to the mountain pass situated on Terjola–Tkibuli boarder. From there you have views on rocky mountains called Tsintskila where according to the legend women and children used to hide from enemies in the caves located on the top of the mountains. In the caves archeologists found Neanderthal skeletons. From the top there are views on the Khvamli Mountain, peaks of Racha and Svaneti Ranges, Caucasus Mountains, Colchis Lowland and Tkibuli Lake with its little islands.


Tourist Routes

Do you want to see Imereti, but you do not know where to start from? We prepared for you trails around the region, which will lead you to interesting natural sites, historical monuments and cultural attractions. Following those paths you will visit true Imeretian “pearls” – thousand- year- old monasteries, historical buildings, amazing wonders of nature, including mountains, canyons, caves, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and you will come across many other attractions. You will also have an occasion to taste delicious Georgian food and wine. Have a look at our suggestions and go explore Imereti!

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