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Monastery Motsameta

When in the 8th century Arabs invaded Georgia, many people rebelled against them. Two princes David and Konstantine Mkheidze of Argveti were among the ones who fought with the enemy in Western Georgia. Murvan bin Muhammad (called “the Deaf” by the Georgians) the Arab commander ordered the arrest of the brothers. He wanted to force them to convert from Orthodox to Islam as he believed that once the brothers change the religion others will follow them.

Despite being severely tortured David and Konstantine did not give up their religion. Finally the Arabs wrapped the brothers around boulders and threw them in the Tskaltsitela River. According to the local lore, a miracle then occurred, with a column of light descending from the sky and lighting up the place where the brothers drowned. When their bodies floated to the surface, they were not tied anymore and had no signs of being tortured. The Georgian Orthodox Church recognized the brothers as saints.

David and Konstantine were buried on the bank of the Tskaltsitela River 6 km out of Kutaisi. In the beginning there was only a small church dedicated to the brothers. It was called Motsameta Monastery which in Georgian means martyrdom. In the 10th century King Bagrat III ordered to build a monastery on that place dedicated to the brothers. The monastery got its final look in the 19th century. The monastery is built on the edge of a rocky cliff. The complex contains the church, a bell tower, a defensive wall and utility buildings.

In the beginning of the 20th century when Bolsheviks ruled in Georgia a second miracle is said to have occurred in Motsameta. The Russian soldiers wanted to desecrate the sacred bones of the brothers by throwing them and making jokes. Suddenly despite the sunny day an unexpected storm came and forced the soldiers to leave. People who witness the miracle collected the bones and to protect them they were put in the museum in Kutaisi. Later they were again moved to the Motsameta Monastery and buried in a precious shrine. Each year on the 15th of October Georgians celebrate the day of Saint David and Constantine. They believe prayers to the brothers can work miracles. Locals are also convinced that if you want your wish to come true, you simply have to crawl three times under the tomb of the saints without touching it.


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