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Gaioz Sopromadze

Gaioz Sopromadze – is a real traditional Georgian man, with a big, Imeretian heart, who loves his country’s culture and way of life. This is reflected in the manner in which he makes his wine – with passion and in a traditional, Georgian way. A visit in his house and winery will be unforgettable. His wine is known all over the globe and every book in the world which describes Georgian wine mentions Mr. Sopromadze. He won many European and International wine competitions and he exports his product to Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Japan. Mr. Sopromadze’s white wine, Tsolikauri, will change your attitude towards this beverage. It has a rich and deep bouquet. The grapes from which the wine is produced is grown without any chemicals. The wine then matures in earthenware vessels (qvevri) where it undergoes natural filtration. This makes its bouquet so intense that after opening a bottle the aroma spreads throughout the entire room. When the wine is ready Mr. Sopromadze’s guests gather around a small table, in the very same cellar where it is produced, to taste his incredible Tsolikauri and Otskhanuri Sapere. Additionally, during your visit you can try some delicious, homemade food, like for example khachapuri, shashlik and salads prepared by his 80-year-old mother. If you want to have a real Georgian experience, wine and food is all you need. A visit to Mr. Sopromadze’s winery will cost you no more than Later, after the wine and food tasting, you can swim in a nearby river, enjoy the beautiful countryside views and, if you want, you can stay overnight at Mr. Sopromadze’s house. The house can host up to 5 people and you will not pay more than an average price you normally pay for a night in a hostel- 20 GEL.

Address: Gaioz Sopromadze - Rustaveli Street, 3rd Lane, 8, Baghdati, 1000, Baghdati, Georgia

If you are planning to visit Mr. Sopromadze, be sure to contact us in advance This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (+995) 593 548 507, (+995) 557 263 153.








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