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The Imereti Wine Trail (1 Day Trips)

Option I

Transportation: to be organized individually by each participant OR driving to Teriola with a local marshrutka (shared taxi) and hiring a local driver once arrived

  • Dzevri - the rock city
  • Chapel and St George Monastery
  • Wine cellar - family Barbukhadze - sleepover or road back to Kutaisi
Off-Road Trails

Option I - Off-road to meet Bori the Hunter

Chkhari Village (in Teriola district) - the village can be reached by 8 kilometer long mountain path. On the way to the village, one can admire a beautiful view on incredible rocky mountains called Tsintskila. According to a legend, women and children used to hide form ennemy attacks in caves near mountain tops. Path leading to one of such caves is very narrow and dangerous, and can be ventured upon only with the use of special equipment. In those caves, archeologists have found Neanderthals' bones. From the caves one can also admire a great panorama: the Khvamli Mountain, Raczynski and Svanski Peaks, the Caucasus, the Kolchida Valley and the Tkibuli Lake with its small islands. Bori offers a peaceful rest in a forest clearing, and if you are not really eager to go back to civilized world just yet, he is also one of the best mountain guides around. He will take you on a horse ride featuring local caves, waterfalls and mountain roads. He can host you overnight, or you can go back to Kutaisi in the evening.

Kutaisi Trails

Option I - Visiting Kutaisi with a local marshrutka

Would you like to discover the true genius loci of Kutaisi, to see its well-known and less-well-kown attractions? Piece of cake. Just wave your hand at one of the local marshrutka (shared taxi), jump in and set off to see the city! There are plenty of marshrutkas and busses everywhere, and they can be stopped virtually everywhere (not only at a bus stop). We have chosen and marked those the most useful ones. Number 4 goes to the Abashidze Alley, which hosts many official buildings, including the Georgian Parliament. Number 1 and number 100 take a lap around the city; they go through its main streets, near the bus and train stations, as well the main city bazaar, and many other places. Crossing the Rioni river, one can see the Bagrati Cathedral and the Khvamli Mountain on one side, and the Lesser Caucasus on the other.

A week in Imereti

Hereby you can find a proposition of activities for a 7 day stay in Imereti. Of course, if you do not dispose of a full week for visiting our district, you can always choose places that interest you the most and plan trips for one, two or a couple of days.

Day 1

Kutaisi – Sairme – Zekari Pass (picnic by the pass) – Vladimir Maiakovski Museum – Museum of Arms and Shukri Nakashidze Wine Cellar – Gaioza Sopromadze Wine Cellar (overnight stay)


Tourist Routes

Do you want to see Imereti, but you do not know where to start from? We prepared for you trails around the region, which will lead you to interesting natural sites, historical monuments and cultural attractions. Following those paths you will visit true Imeretian “pearls” – thousand- year- old monasteries, historical buildings, amazing wonders of nature, including mountains, canyons, caves, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and you will come across many other attractions. You will also have an occasion to taste delicious Georgian food and wine. Have a look at our suggestions and go explore Imereti!

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See The City From a Local Mini Bus


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