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Брошюра 2017 / 2015 / 2014
Monday tour
Воскресенье, 20 Августа 2017 01:20

We have prepared a great plan for your best Monday. Monday is the day when most of tourist attractions, such as Prometheus Cave, Sataplia Cave, Martvili and Okatse Canyons, museums are closed for visitors. But you don't have to worry, if you be in Kutaisi on Monday, you can always take advantage of our tour. We offer a one-day trip to Baghdati district, where we will visit the Zekari Pass...

, the house-museum of well-known Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky and taste authentic imeretian wine.

One of the must-to-see places of Bagdati district is undoubtedly the Zekari Pass. Zekari is located on the border of two regions: Imereti and Samtskhe-Javakheti, on the altitude of 2226 m a.s.l. It is one of the most beautiful spots of the region that will delight you with its views. On our way to Zekari we will pass through the health resort Sairme, which is famous for its unique healing air and mineral springs. In the town of Bagdati we will visit the house-museum of the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovski, who was born and spent his childhood here in Baghdati. The perfect ending of the perfect day will be a visit to Gaioz Sopromadze, local winemaker. Imereti is a region which is known for the rarest wines throughout Georgia, there are many winemakers who make natural home wines according to old traditions. One of such winemakers is Mr. Sopromadze, who is also the beneficiary and partner of our project. Visiting his home and vineyard is an unforgettable experience, and his home-made wine is well known in whole Georgia.

Mr. Gaioz will serve us such wines as Tsolikarui and Otskhanuri Sapere together with perfect homemade Georgian dishes: khaczapuri, shashlik, salads etc. The feast will be surrounded by beatiful nature by the river.

To promote this Monday, we offer a study tour, which will take place every Monday. Depart from Kutaisi's main square, at 9:00. The cost of the feast at Mr. Gaioz's is 25 lari per person, fuel costs about 35 lari, minimum number of people in the group - 5. For more information or to make booking, please contact us.








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