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New flight. Kutaisi-Wroclaw
Суббота, 09 Сентября 2017 01:20

We've got some great news for all adventure lovers. From April 2018, traveling to Georgia will be easier and more comfortable! Along with the two already existing Warsaw-Kutaisi and Katowice-Kutaisi directions, direct flights from another city of Poland - Wroclaw- to Kutaisi will also be available from 31st March 2018. The flights will be held twice a week, tickets are already available on the official website of WizzAir: www.wizzair.com.

Wrocław, which is one of the oldest Polish cities, today is one of the most attractive and popular tourist destinations. Not hard to be with all the unique monuments of cultural and historical value the city can offer. Let's recall the most popular tourist spots in Wroclaw:

  1. Ostrów Tumski - an island and the oldest part of Wrocław.
  2. Rynek (Market Square) - the centre of the square features the Cloth Hall and the Town Hall, the latter being a unique specimen of Gothic and Renaissance architecture.
  3. Four Denominations District - the district features four different temples representing four different denominations: an Orthodox church, a Roman Catholic church, a Lutheran church and a synagogue.
  4. The Royal Palace - together with its Baroque-style garden, now houses the Historical Museum of Wrocław. Royal apartments are also open to the public.
  5. Wrocław University - the main Wrocław University building is part of a larger Baroque-style building complex composed of a former Jesuit college and Jesuit church.
  6. Panorama of the battle of Racławice - painted by Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak, the Racławice Panorama is a unique representation of the Battle of Racławice (4th April 1794). The work boasts an impressive size of 15 x 114.
  7. The Hydropolis – Wrocław's centre for environmental education, is one of the largest centres of this kind in Europe
  8. The Centennial Hall - one of the most prominent landmarks in the history of 20th-century architecture. Designed by the eminent architect Max Berg, it was created in 1913. In 2006, the site was enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Register.
  9. Szczytnicki Park - the largest park in the city. Established in 1875 as a private garden, it was later transformed into a city park.
  10. The Wrocław Zoo - the oldest and largest Polish zoo (considering the number of species). For more information visit: www.visitwroclaw.eu

We would like also kindly invite you and encourage all the inhabitants of Wrocław (and not only Wrocław) to visit our city Kutaisi with sightseeings and monuments of nature located nearby. The location of of Kutaisi will give you an opportunity to spend a very interesting, intense and varied leisure time. Places not to miss while beeing in Kutaisi:

  1. The Cathedral of Bagrati
  2. Old Town
  3. Central square and Colchis fountain
  4. Kutaisi Opera
  5. Motsameta Monastery
  6. Gelati Monastery
  7. Kinchkhaa waterfall and canyon Okatse
  8. Sataplia Cave
  9. The Zekari Pass
  10. Prometheus Cave

In addition, Kutaisi can offer a lot of Georgian restaurants and wine bars where you can taste the best dishes of Georgian cuisine, learn about the culinary customs of our country, and with the little help of our local winemakers you will learn more about the tradition of wine-making in Georgia and try the best home wines.

We are waiting for you in Kutaisi! :)

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